Current position:

30/09/2019 - now

PhD student in Philosophy at University of Warwick, UK

AHRC M4C funded

Project: “Is music perception special? An analysis of the varieties of auditory perception”

Supervisors: Matthew Nudds, Thomas Crowther


2016 – 2017

completed on 21/07/2017

MA in Philosophy (= Laurea Magistrale in Scienze Filosofiche)

State University of Milan,

Mark: 110/110 cum laude

Dissertation: “Eventi sonori. Una difesa della teoria di Casey O’Callaghan”

(“Sound events. A defence of Casey O’Callaghan’s theory”)

Supervisors: Clotilde Calabi and Alfredo Paternoster


2014 – 2016

completed on 15/03/2016

Master in Music in French Horn (= Diploma accademico di II livello in discipline musicali: corno)

I.S.S.M. Conservatorio “G. Cantelli”, Novara,

Final recital: “Il corno nel periodo classico”

Supervisor: M° Valerio Maini


2006 – 2014

completed on 23/09/2014

Degree in Music in French Horn (= Diploma di Vecchio Ordinamento)

I.S.S.M. Conservatorio “G. Cantelli”, Novara,

Supervisor: M° Valerio Maini


2011 – 2014

completed on 24/06/2014

BA in Philosophy (= Laurea Triennale in Filosofia)

University of Bergamo,

Mark: 110/110 cum laude

Dissertation: “L’esperienza musicale a sostegno di una concezione dinamica del tempo”

(“Musical experience in support of a dynamic theory of time”)

Supervisor: Richard Davies


2006 - 2011

Classical High School (= Liceo Classico)

Liceo Classico “Paolo Sarpi”, Bergamo


Complete Academic CV in pdf. :

English Academic CV 02/11/2019
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